Gifts For Teacher's - Best Gift Ideas to please your teachers

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Gifts For Teacher's - Best Gift Ideas to please your teachers

I have added lots of cool gifts ideas that can be be gift for teachers from students, gift for teachers on farewell, gift for teachers end of year, gift for teachers birthday, gift for teachers day, gift for teachers online, teachers for end of year, unique gifts for teachers and many more other gift for teachers day!

Gifts For Teacher's

As a teacher for multiple years, I was on the receiving end of many lovely and wonderful gifts for various occasions and as a momma now who is experiencing giving gifts to teachers for the first time, I wanted to make sure that I give gifts to my kids’ teachers that they will love and enjoy for years to come.
Please let me preface this post with a disclaimer so I don’t have people throwing rocks in my general direction: all teachers {or at least the good ones} will appreciate *any and all* gifts sent their direction. I can tell you from personal experience that I certainly did not go into the profession to expect gifts from my students and their families and every single present that was sent my direction was received with lots of love and appreciation. I promise.

But here’s the thing: one person can have only so many coffee mugs and apple-related decor items. {Don’t throw rocks now please!} I know that parents and kids think that those are an awesome gift idea to give your favorite teacher {and they are}, but why not change things up a bit? Some of my most favorite gifts were those that were more personal to me, rather than the general “teacher-y” gifts. Dig deep and think about what you know about your child’s teacher or have your kidlet so some undercover work.
Teachers have, from time immemorial, occupied an exalted position in the Indian society. They have been regarded as the beacon of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment and have guided their students to become better citizens; thereby, leading to the overall development of the nation. Upon the completion of their education, students, too, have expressed their gratitude to their teachers by giving them gifts.

Perfect Gift for Teachers Video by Alexa's DIY Life

The tradition of giving gifts was a part of the ancient gurukul system, where the teacher or the Guru would ask for a gurudakshina (tradition of replaying one's teacher after the completion of one's formal education), which was not only monetary but also comprised an important task that the guru would ask of his students. As years passed, the institution of education underwent changes and so did the idea of giving gifts to the teacher. In the modern age, the tradition of gurudakshina has gone in for a complete makeover.

Every year on Teacher's Day, children from all across the country express their thanks to their teachers by giving them wonderful gifts. The gifts range from homemade ones, to fancy cakes, books and other such stuff that a teacher would adore for a lifetime. Check out below some of the fabulous gift ideas that would truly make your teacher happy on Teacher's Day.

Some of the popular gifts for Teacher's Day are as follows. Just have a glance through them –
Homemade Teacher's Day Gifts :

First and foremost making a greetings card will be a wonderful idea. A greetings card meant for your favorite teacher with some personalized appreciation message written on it will indeed be a wonderful teacher's day gift idea.

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Baking a cake and gifting it to your favorite teacher is considered as another most lovable personalized teacher's day gift idea. After preparing the cake simply write some words for your teacher on top of the cake and another most appreciated personalized teacher's day gift is ready.

Another most popular personalized teacher's day gift idea is writing a poem and dedicating it to your favorite teacher. The poem written by you will clearly express your heartfelt appreciation for your teacher.

You can also prepare a pen stand by using some old cardboard box. This task is very simple, all you need to do is properly wrap a nice colorful sheet and decorate it with attractive colors and glitters.

If you have a knack for painting then you can gift your teacher a nice painting that has been created by you. A simple painting of your a school building, classroom or your teacher taking a classroom would surely make his or her day.

Do you know what your teacher's favorite dish? If not find out. You can cook the favorite dish of your teacher at home. Garnish and pack it nicely. Then, present it to your teacher, along with a bunch of flowers. What a fabulous way to thank your teacher for the guidance he or she has provided to you all through the year.

Homemade Teacher's Day Gifts: Gifts For Teachers'

A Homemade Card or Artwork

gift ideas for teachers day

It is Teacher's Day and time to get creative. Prepare a beautiful artwork or a card that you can present to your teacher on this Teacher's Day. Though do remember to scribble some touching words in praise of your teacher. It would surely make them smile.

A Homemade Card or Artwork

Beautiful Flowers For A Loving Teacher

Flowers gift for teachers

Flowers are stronger than words. They subtly express a person's love or respect to his or her loved one. So, this Teacher's Day go shopping and buy a beautiful bouquet for your teacher. They would surely love it.

Beautiful Flowers For A Loving Teacher: Gifts For Teachers'

Books For Classroom: Gifts For Teachers'

Books for classroom: gift for teachers

Help your teacher in growing the classroom library. On this Teacher's Day gift him or her one or two books which can be kept in the classroom to be used by the teacher or other students.

Books For Classroom: Gifts For Teachers'

Cute Photo Frame For Your Ideal Teacher: Gifts For Teachers'

gift ideas for teachers day

A cute photo frame is the perfect gift for your teacher. Get a photo clicked which shows your teacher taking a class or posing with you or the entire class outside in the field. Your teacher would cherish it for a lifetime.

Cute Photo Frame For Your Ideal Teacher

Classic Hand Made Paintings For Your Beautiful Teacher: Gifts For Teachers'

So, you have been taking painting classes. Let the artist in you come out on this Teacher's Day. Create a fabulous painting and present it to you teacher. He or she is surely going to love it.

Delicious goodies!

Who doesn’t love a treat?!  So unless you know your kid’s teacher is on a diet or has health issues that require them to limit sugar, then go for the goodies!  However, make them gooood.  I am a junk food junkie (my mom’s title for me), so I ate the junk candy that came in as well as the good stuff, but my favorite treat was when I got a big box of hand dipped caramels from a local candy shop.  Mmmmmm…….

Non-perishable is always a good option.  Local candy shops, gourmet chocolate, goodies from a place like Trader Joe’s, or my favorite new obsession, Coldstone Chocolate Bars, are all great options.  My sister got so much perishable, homemade food one year that she had to have a bunch of friends come over just so it wouldn’t go bad!

If you are dying to make your child’s teacher a beautiful cupcake, then make one big, beautiful cupcake for her in a small box.  Because, unless she has a big family at home, how is she going to get through a dozen?  Or here’s an idea: THE TEACHER’S LOUNGE!  Make a big old platter of cookies and leave them in the teacher’s lounge.  There is nothing  better than walking into the lounge to grab a soda during an all-too-short break and finding homemade baked goods up for grabs.  Oh, sweet manna from Heaven.

I am passionate about treats.  Just in case you couldn’t tell….  😉

Something really great for the classroom . . . or HELP!

I am a children’s lit junkie, so a great gift for my classroom would have been a great new children’s book to read to the class and add to my classroom library.  One year my sister Laura got a beautiful coffee table book about the elements of the periodic table from a student and she is obsessed with it.  (Geek.)  My sister Rachel’s favorite book to teach is To Kill a Mockingbird.  A beautiful edition of that would be treasured by her for years to come.  Or, as far as elementary teachers goes, something like The Magic School Bus videos to enhance science lessons.  Be creative!

Or, better yet, HELP!  Teachers love help.  At the end of the year a high school student could stay after with a friend one day and help their teacher clean up and organize so that she too can get started on summer.  Or the parent of an elementary student could volunteer in the classroom!

Would you believe that I never had a room mother?  I only worked at Title I schools, so never once was a parent able to come in to help me with a class party or anything else.  I had to BEG for field trip chaperones.  They were all working like crazy just to support their families, which is obviously a much higher priority than going on a field trip or planning a school party.  It was very stressful trying to plan all of the extra things like class parties and events all by myself on top of all of my regular teaching duties.  I did my best to make it fun, but I remember the parties my mom used to throw as a PTA member when I was growing up.  My parties were nothing like that.

So, if you can, get in the classroom and help!  It’s not realistic or even possible for every family, and that’s obviously ok, but if you do have the opportunity to get into the classroom at some point during the school year, then I would encourage you to do so!  The teacher will be so very grateful to you, and, most importantly, your child will know just how much you value their education and support the teachers at their school!  My son loves it when I show up in his classroom!

A gift directly from your child.: Gifts For Teachers'

There is one student gift to me that I still see daily.  It is a tiny stuffed donkey.  It has come apart and undergone hand-stitching surgery many times.  Incredibly random, right?  Yes.  INCREDIBLY random.  But one of my students saw it at Walmart and decided to save her money and buy it as a gift for myself and my stuffed llamas that I used as puppets in my classroom to teach lessons and generally bring silliness to the classroom.  When she gave it to me she was bursting with excitement.  She made me name him on the spot and create a character and a voice for him.  Years later, my son is now amused by this little donkey’s “personality” and sleeps with him at night.

Then there was the time that a little girl living in the most horrible of poverty brought me a six pack of miniature Dr. Pepper cans for my birthday.  She has not only made a mental note that my birthday was coming, but she had also been watching me and noticing the soda on my desk each day after lunch.  Then she begged her mom and they no doubt made a sacrifice in their grocery budget to get me some DP for my birthday.  I was incredibly touched.

This works with high schoolers too!  My sister Laura teaches chemistry in California to many troubled teens.  One boy in particular caught her eye at the start of the school year, and she made a special effort to help him pass and to fuss over him and make him feel special.  She knew he was withdrawn, not into school, and involved in gang activity.  But she loved him as he was and set out to try to help him love himself and maybe learn a bit of chemistry along the way as well.  On the last day of school he walked up to her and silently handed her a bag with her favorite treat in it: a single Subway cookie.  And then he gave her a hug.  She wept when she called to tell me about it.  It meant so much to her.

What parent ever would have picked out a poorly made small stuffed donkey as a teacher’s gift?  Or a miniature six pack of Dr. Pepper?  Or a single Subway cookie?  None.  But each gift is etched into our memories years later, and each was so meaningful to us because it spoke volumes to us about how much our students cared about us personally!

GIFT CARDS!: Gifts For Teachers'

This is the purely material suggestion.  You guys, teachers are woefully underpaid.  It’s ridiculous.  The first year I was teaching my family would have qualified for the free lunches my students were getting.  Yeah.  So if you want to buy your child’s teacher something then spoil them with a gift card!

The gift card does NOT have to be in a large amount!  Once Rachel got a $5 gift card to Coldstone.  She was thrilled!  It came on a long and exhausting day, and she stopped at Coldstone on her way home and got herself a much-deserved treat!  If you are going to make a craft for them you will be spending at least $5 – $10 anyway.  Put it into a gift card instead and let them treat themselves to exactly what they want!

If you want to give them something that could be used for themselves or the classroom I would suggest Amazon, Target, or Barnes & Noble.  If you wanted to get them smelly lotions or soap for pampering purposes then just give them a $10 Bath & Body gift card instead so they can choose their favorite scent.  Or how about an iTunes or Starbucks gift card?  We don’t drink coffee, but most teachers do, and we are obsessed with vanilla steamed milks, so Starbucks worked for us, too!  If you have the ability to be more monetarily generous then consider a gift card to a restaurant or movie theater.   I bet they don’t get to go on very many nice dates with their husbands!

Gift cards are the ultimate gift if you are looking to spend any money at all.  Give your kid’s teacher a chance to take themselves on a mini shopping spree, even if it is only worth $5!  And, hey, if you want to also do something cutesy then I have your answer: I rounded up a collection of 19 Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holder Printables.  Quick and cute!

A heartfelt letter.: Gifts For Teachers'

The best thing that you can give to a teacher is a heartfelt letter thanking them for the help that they have given your child.  Use specific examples of the positive growth and changes that you have seen in your child.  I recall at the end of one year getting a letter from a particular student’s mother.  This particular student suffered from Bipolar Disorder and severe ADHD.  He was definitely a challenge to have in class.  But somehow he and I found a rhythm and rapport that worked for us.  The year prior to being in my classroom he had been sent to the office at least 4 times a week.  I sent him three times in an entire year.  I dealt with him myself, communicated with his mother regularly, and learned great lessons in patience and temper control.  The letter that she wrote to me about how much they loved me and how much growth they had seen in him at home and in school made my soul soar.  I have never been so touched or so grateful for the opportunity that I was given as a teacher to touch a child’s life.  Don’t read too much into this: I was no perfect teacher.  Not even close.  But I was the perfect teacher for that ONE child at that one time.  And I am so grateful to his mother for taking the time to let me know why.

My sisters also received some meaningful letters over the years, and Rachel’s favorites were from students directly.  (More feasible in high school classrooms than in elementary classrooms.)  The two that stand out to her were not long letters from eloquent students.  They were simple and sweet, and they touched her deeply.

Her first year of teaching she worked really hard with a boy who was struggling with clinical depression and who hardly spoke more than 5 words to her at a time.  At the end of the year, he gave her a pre-printed teacher bookmark that said something like, “Teachers make such a special difference in the lives of their students, and you are the most special teacher of all.”  On the back, he wrote six words: “I really mean it.  Love, Johnny.”  (Name has been changed for the student’s protection.)  Coming from that student, such a simple sentiment brought tears to her eyes.

A few years later, she got a little thank-you note from a student with Aspergers Stydnrome.  He began the note with a few sentences that were pretty typical, “Thanks for being a great teacher,”etc., but he ended the note with a sentence she has never forgotten: “Thank you for seeing in me what so many others have not seen.”  She put that note on her desk and looked at it often when she was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed as a teacher.

Over the years I have misplaced and lost track of the majority of even the cutest handmade and store bought gifts that my students gave to me, but that letter from my student’s mother?  It is safely tucked away and I will keep it literally until the day that I die.  It reminds me that I made a real difference in a child’s life, which is the reason that I started teaching in the first place.