200 Happy Diwali Wishes, Messages, Quotes {Diwali Wishes 2016}

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Diwali Wishes: Are you searching for happy diwali wishes? If yes, then you have come at the very right place where you get lots of latest and fresh collection of Diwali wishes, diwali messages and diwali quotes to share with your friends on family on this Diwali.
In this post you will get diwali wishes images, diwali wishes in english, happpy deepawali, deepawali wishes, diwali wishes in hindi, diwali wishes quotes and much more on this blog!
Before start writing on Diwali Wishes, I want to write a short on why Diwali is celebrated?

Why Diwali is celebrated?

Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). On this very Diwali day, the Goddess of Lakshmi wealth, Lakshmi is said to have been incarnated from the depth of the bottomless ocean. The Hindu scriptures tell us that both Devas(gods) and Asuras (demons) were mortal (Mrita) at one point of time. The great Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ describes how Lord Ram (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Treta Yug) conquered Lanka after Lord Rama vanquishing the evil King Ravana and after passing a period of of fourteen years in exile returned to his capital Ayodhya on a new moon day of Kartik with wife Sita and brother Lakshman. To celebrate the homecoming of their beloved king, the people of Ayodhya burst crackers, lit up their houses with earthen lamps (diyas), and decorated the entire city in the grandest manner.

So let's start the list now!

Happy Diwali Wishes In English
Have a prosperous Diwali.
Hope this festival of lights,
brings you every joy and happiness.
May the lamps of joy,
illuminate your life and
fill your days with the bright sparkles of peace,
mirth and good will.

Wishing you with Wealth & Prosperity,
as you journey towards greater success.
Wishing you a Happy Diwali 2016.

Happy Diwali 2016 Wishes

May the joy, cheer,
delight and cheerfulness
Of this heavenly festival
Surround you forever.
May the happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
And, hope the year
Brings you luck and
Fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy deepavali 2016
Happy Deepavali Wishes 2016

A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
a soft sms is just enough to express the heartiest feelings.
Enjoy the festival of Diwali with lots of fun.
Happy Diwali Wishes 2016

With gleam of Diyas
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness & Contentment Fill ur life
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Deepavali..
Diwali Wishes In English

Happy Diwali Wishes

happy diwali wishes messages quotes

You can use these Diwali wishes to wish Diwali your friends, family and relatives.

  • May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. Best wishes on Diwali and New year.
  • On Diwali, wishes for every joy and prosperity. Here's hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights, bring a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you, to last the whole year through. Happy Diwali.
  • As your celebrate this holy occasion, the most loving thoughts and wishes are for you... May the beauty of Diwali fill your world and your heart and may the love that is always yours, bring you endless joy. Have A Wonderful Diwali And New Year!
  • Have a prosperous Diwali. Hope this festival of lights, brings you every joy and happiness. May the lamps of joy, illuminate your life and fill your days with the bright sparkles of peace, mirth and goodwill, because you are someone who deserves life's best and so much more. Have a joyous Diwali and new year.
  • On Diwali, I wanted to send you wishes for a year filled with prosperity, health and lots of fun! Hope you have a happy Diwali!
  • This Diwali, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji's trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Diwali!
  • May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year. Happy Diwali!
  • A warm Diwali wish for every happiness. May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.
  • May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.
  • As you celebrate this holy occasion, you are wished the brightest moments that Diwali can bring, lots of love and laughter to fill your days with cheer and a New year that is sure to bring you, the best of everything.
  • There's always something warm and bright, about this time of the year, when everything has a special glow, and hearts are full of cheer, that's why, this special greeting comes your way, to wish you all life's best, on Diwali and in the coming year, too.

Happy Diwali Wishes in English

Now I am going to write some best Diwali wishes and diwali quotes in English that will be loved by you people. You will also find Diwali wishes in the hindi in this post at the last.

Sun glows for a day;
Candle for an hour;
Matchstick for a minute;
But a wish glows forever.
Here is my wish for a glowing Diwali and glowing life!
Happy Diwali.

Holy is colourful.
Sun is powerful.
Dewali is lightful.
Happy Diwali !!

Look Outside It’s Pleasant
LIGHTS Smiling For u
CANDLES Dancing For u
FAIRIES Waiting For u
Because I Ask them 2 Wish You HAPPY DIWALI !

Fortunate is the one who has learned to Admire, but not to envy.
Good Wishes for a joyous Diwali and a Happy New Year with a plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

Paying respects to the gods,
And decorating for them the Thali,
This is what the occasion is all about,
This is the spirit of Deepavali…

Happpy Diwali Wishes for Friends

  1. May the divine light of Diwali diyas spread Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health in your life. Wish you a very Happy Diwali!!
  2. Let me make your Diwali celebration more cheerful & colorful with the lights of wishes of my heart. Happy Diwali my friend!
  3. For this special time of Diwali celebration family and friends gets together for fun. Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days, in this festive season of Diwali and always...Happy Diwali.

Diwali Wishes for Boss

If you are a job holder and searching for some best Diwali wishes and quotes to Wish Diwali your boss then you will love our these Diwali quotes collection for Boss.

  • Dearest boss, happy Diwali wishes for you. I am sure you are enjoying the festival with great fervor and I send my good wishes and luck for your work and home.
  • To dear boss, wishing you a Happy Diwali and to your family. I am sending my hearty festive greets to you and your family on this festival and hope you will enjoy Diwali to the fullest.
  • Dear boss, I wish you and your family a Happy Diwali. I pray this Diwali be the best for you and you enjoy a lot with display of fireworks to spread light in your home.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend

Planning to wish Diwali your girlfriend and made her day special. Well, I am going to help you in this working by writing some interesting Diwali messages for girlfriend which will surely loved by your gf on this Diwali.

May the joy, cheer,
delight and cheerfulness
Of this heavenly festival
Surround you forever.
May the happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
And, hope the year
Brings you luck and
Fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy deepavali 2016

Diwali Wishes for Boyfriend 2016

After writing Diwali wishes for girlfriend now I am going to write on Diwali Messages for boyfriend. These Diwali wishes for biyfriend can be used by girls to wish Diwali her boyfriends.

Let's start!

To my sweet boyfriend, happy Diwali wishes for you. I hope you are enjoying the festival well by lighting fireworks and would join you in the celebration tomorrow.

1). For my good boyfriend, wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali. I send fireworks for you to lit and spread light in all our lives.

2). To dear boyfriend, this text carries lovely Diwali wishes for you. Let this Diwali be the best of yours and bring in much success and prosperity in your life.

3). Through this text, I wish my dear boyfriend a happy Diwali. I am sure you are celebrating the festival with much fervor and I send gifts for you.

Diwali Wishes for Love (Special Diwali Messages collection for Lovers 2016)

You must read these quotes and I am damn sure you gonna love these Diwali wishes for Lovers.

Diwali quotes for Lovers start here;

Let’s celebrate the auspicious day
of Diwali with fun and frolic. May
this bright day bring Bountiful
Bliss and Joy in your life. Here’s
sending wishes to you on this

With a hope that you attain success,
Have a wonderful year filled with peace, prosperity and happiness
Wish you a Happy Diwali

May the festival of lights encircle your life with immense Joy and Happiness.
Success comes at your doorsteps.
With these thoughts sending my warm wishes to you on Diwali and always…
Have a Happy Diwali

Love as deep as Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
and Success as bright as Gold…
These are the wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali.

Yesterday, today, and every single day
I found you close to my heart
And that is just where I want you to be always
You’re very special to me
Happy Diwali

With gleam of Divas And d echo of d Chants May happiness & contentment fill ur life. Wishing u a happy & prosperous Diwali
Diwali Greetings

Diwali Wishes for Teacher (Special Diwali Messages collection for Teacher)

  1. To dear teacher, the light of knowledge you give is similar to the light of Diwali which brings in luck and love for all of us. Wishing you a happy Diwali.
  2. For my teacher, wishing you a Happy Diwali. I hope you are burning down fireworks and spreading light and happiness in your home. Have a safe and prosperous Diwali.
  3. Dearest teacher, I wish you a happy Diwali through this message. I hope you are enjoying the festival by burning fireworks and spreading light in all lives.

Diwali Wishes (Messages) for Family

Now the Diwali wishes I am going to list here can be used by any and for wishing any of your family members. Like, these Diwali wishes for Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Monther, Father, Cousin and even for your Grandmother and Grandfather.

  • Wishing you and your family a bombastic Diwali!!! Have loads of fun and loads of masti!! Have Safe and Prosperous Diwali 2016!!
  • HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU! May you be surrounded by family and lots of love on this Diwali 2016. Have prosperous Diwali.
  • To my lovely family, wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2016. Let this Diwali bring in prosperity and good luck in our homes and spread love in our family.
  • Dear family, I wish you all a happy Diwali celebration 2016. I hope you all are burning fireworks and spreading light and happiness in our home. Enjoy a safe and cheerful Diwali!
  • To dear family, here is my Happy Diwali wishes for all of you. I pray this Diwali be the best of all for you and let it bring in success in all our lives forever.

Now finally after writing some best Diwali Wishes and Happy Diwali messages for this Diwali 2016. I would move ahead and start writing on Happy Diwali Quotes.

Do Happy Diwali Quotes differ from Diwali Wishes and Diwali messages?

A big answer no. But still some people take these two terms in two different sense.

Don't worry, we are here for all not for a single type people. You can use these Happy Diwali quotes to anyone to wish this Diwali Festival.

Happy Diwali Quotes

These Diwali quotes are for all including Diwali quotes in English and Diwali Quotes in Hindi. As I already stated that I will update the Diwali wishes and Happy diwali messages at the last of this post. so but here in this paragraph I will be writing some Cool Happy Diwali Quotes for this Diwali season 2016

All that I wish for you during this festival of lights is: D : Dazzling lights I : Immense joy W : Windfall A : Abundant peace L : Lavish festivities I : Illustrious life

May this diwali, you be blessed with good fortune – as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity – as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and troubles – as small as his mouse.

Doubt is like darkness, Trust is like light, There is no way to destroy light by throwing darkness in to it. So come together and enjoy the festival of lights…

The significance of Deepavali is the removal of darkness and ignorance from the mind and filing it with goodness.

Diwali- A festival full of sweet memories, sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets, house full of diyas and heart full of enjoyment.

On this auspicious festival of lights, may the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate your life and your home. Wishing you a Happy Diwali.

May these rich blessings be your due, a wealth of friendships, old and new. Some service rendered, some solace given, and gentle peace with god and heaven. Heartfelt wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali.

Happy Diwali Facebook and Whatsapp

Well, when the talk comes to festival celebration we always plan to change our Whatsapp and facebook status. Right?

So I am list now some Diwali Status messages for Whatsapp and Facebook that you can use these Diwali wishes for Whatsapp and facebook to celebrate with your social friends.

Let's start the list now :p

1. May this Diwali Light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright & beautiful and fill you days with pleasant surprises and moments.

2. Diwali night is full of lights, may your life be filled with colors and lights of happiness.

3. Life with you is like Diwali, so lets promise to be together like this forever. Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

4. May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

5. Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day. Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Diwali!

6. Happy, Happy Diwali! I hope the day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many magical moments!

7. HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU! May you celebrate it well. Surrounded by family, friends and lots of love and remember...

Diwali Wishes in Hindi

Finally the waiting is going to over for the people who were searching for happpy diwali wishes in hindi, happy diwali messages in hindi, happy diwali quotes in hindi language. I am going start the list of Happy Diwali Wishes and Messages in Hindi now... Be ready!

Let's start now in Hindi...

Sukh sampada aapke jivan mein aaye,
Laxmi ji aapke ghar mein saamye,
Bhool kar bhee aap ke jivan main,
Aage kabhi bhee ek dukh na aaye

Sri ram ji aapke ghar sukh ki barsat karen,
Dukhon ka nash karen.
Prem ki phuljhari wa anar aapke ghar ko roshan kare.
Roshni ke diye aapki zindagi me khusiya layen.
Happy Deepawali

Pal Pal se banta hai Ehasas,
ehsas se banta hai Vishvas,
vishvas se bante hai Rishte,
aur rishte se banta hai koi Khas,
Wishing you a Happy Diwali, my sweetheart!

Kuber ke khazane, Lakshmi ma ki kripa aur Ganesh ji ke aashirvad se
Mangalmay ho aapka aane wala saal
Prassanta aur ulaas se.
Deepavali ki hardik shubhkamnayen!

Hum jo akaash me aatish baazi jalate hain
Vo hum apni khushiyo ko jatate hain,
Kyu na is baar hum Deepavali par aapsi baer, katuta, ranjish ko jalade!
Diwali ki hardik shubhkaamnaaye!!

Deep jagmagaayen
Khushiyan jhilmilayen
Is Diwali ke tyohaar per
Lakshmi ji aapke ghar aayen
Diwali ki badhayi ho!

Deepon ka yeh tyohaar
Laaya khushiyan hazaar
Mubarak ho aap sabko
Diwali ka tyohaar
Happy Diwali!

Mata Lakshmi ka hum karen vandan
Deepawali ka hardik abhinandan!
Happy Diwali!

Diwali ke tyohaar ki shubhkamnaayen!
Deepawali ki shubh bela me
apne mann ka andhkaar mitaayen
Mithaiyaan khaayen, pataakhe chalaayen
Aur deepon ke is tyohaar ko manaayen

Deepawali ka yeh tyohaar
aapke liye aur aapke apnon ke liye
Diwali ki Shubhkamnaayen!

Na dimag se
Na zuban se
Na paigam se
Na message se
Na gift se
Appko happy diwali
Direct dil se

Naa CALL se
naa Card se
naa GIFT se
naa POST se
naa EMAIL se
sabse phle
Direct ** DiLse **
Happy Diwali!!

I Pray to God to give U
aur SNEH.

Aayi hai diwali dekho
Sang layi khushiya dekho
Yehan wahan jahan dekho
Aaj deep jagmagate dekho
Happy Diwali 2016

Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasaya Dhemahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat
Wish you a joyful and prosperous Diwali.

Makki ki Roti, Nimbu ka Aachar,
Suraj Ki Kirne, Khushiyo ki Bahar,
Chand Ki Chandi, Apno ka Pyar,
Mubarak Ho Aapko, DIWALI ka Tyohar

Pal pal Sunhare Fool Khile,
Kabhi na ho kaanto ka Saamna
Jindagi Aapki Khushiyo se Bhari Rahe
Dipawali par Humaari Yahi Shubhkaamna.

Diyon ki roshni se jhilmilata aangan ho..
patakhon ki goonjo se aasman roshan ho..
aisi aaye jhum ke yeh diwali..
har taraf kushiyon ka mausam ho.

Funny Diwali Wishes 2016

Now after listing almost all type of Diwali wishes in English and also some Diwali wishes in hindi now how can we forget to make some entertainment and fun on Diwali. So, I am listing now some Funny Diwali wishes, funny diwali quotes and Funny diwali messages to make you and your friends laugh on this Diwali.

Apun wishing you a wonderful,
*xtra special*
Ekdum mast and Dhinchak,
bole to ekdum **Jhakaas**

This diwali tumko mile
Rathore ki Aim
Film stars ka Fame
Game show ka Jackpot
Hit film mein ek spot
Jadoo ki chhari
lots of crackers aur phuljhari
sab ka dher saara pyar aur dosti
and lots n lots of fun n masti
Wishing u a very HAPPY DIWALI!

Normal guy:Happy diwali 🙂 

Guy preparing for CAT:Wishing you an affluent,blooming,flourishing,convivial,ecstatic,sparkling,gleeful Diwali

Jokes on Diwali (Diwali Jokes Collection 2016)

1st Sardar : Jab phatake phut te 
hai to pahle light dhekhai deti 
hai phir awaz, aisa kyon?
2nd Sardar : Kyonki hamari aankh
 aage hai aur kaan piche

Reva to Neel:  ” what is Bruce Lee’s
 Favorite festival?”
Neel didnt know
Reva:  “Diwa Lee”
Reva:  “What does Bruce Lee have
 outside his home during Diwlai?”
Again Neel silent
Reva:  “Rango Lee”
Reva: “what did Bruce Lee give 
his sister as a gift?”
Neel Confused
Reva:  “chaniya cho lee”

Diwali Ke din EK BAR 2 JUDWAA
UDAS BATHA THA!!!!!!!!!!
NAHLA DIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big B-Mere Pas Rocket Hai, SurSuri Hai,
Chakri Hai, Murga Bumb Hai, Tumhare 
Pas Kya Hai?
Shashi- Mere Pas MAA…chis Hai.
Happy Diwali


Diwali is the most significant and famous festival of the India which is being celebrated every year all over the country as well as outside the country. People celebrate it very enthusiastically to commemorate the returning of Lord Rama to his kingdom, Ayodhya after a long period of time of 14 years of exile after defeating the Ravana.