Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women - 7 Days Ultimate Diet for Women

3Week Diet Plan Guide
3Week Diet Plan Guide
3Week Diet Plan Guide
Women are super conscious about their look. Look doesn’t include only your dress, hair style or makeup. When anybody sees you for the first time, one thing is noticed first is the structure of your body. Also, Don't forget to read 3 Week Diet Review, Where Sophia has lost 20 pounds in 21 days.

Try this experiment with any lady once. Tell her that it looks like she has put on some weight. At least for next couple of hours, she will be more conscious about food and visit the mirror frequently.

Being conscious about your health and figure is good thing because it shows your love for yourself.

Are you blaming your working or lazy life style for spoiling your beauty? Thinking to splurge your hard earned money on Yoga classes or gym? Wait, here I have something for you that is super cheap (free!!) and super effective.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

To maintain your physical health what you need to do is maintain the ration of exercise and the quality of your diet plan. You don’t need to run to dietician. You can design your own diet by keeping these points in your mind or you can follow the diet plan which I will share with you all health conscious ladies. So, ready to lose the unnecessary weight from your body!!! Also, read 3 Week diet review

  • Your current diet and medical record
  • Your food allergies, likes and dislikes to the food
  • No need to remove the entire group of specific food
  • Need to consume all the nutrients as it is weight loss process not a life loss

Before stepping towards diet plan, let’s clear the concept of weight loss. Weight loss actually takes place when the energy consumed by you (i.e. food) is spent by you via any activities.

This consumed energy can be expenditure by mainly three ways

  • BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Energy used for digestion
  • Physical activities

Doing exercise will make you feel great about yourself, but it is not the only thing which will reduce your weight. You need to plan your diet as well in order to get the noticeable effect.

I strongly recommend doing regular workout to be fit and fabulous. Be in shape. Maintain your curves. Strengthen yourself, but doing regular workout doesn’t mean you can eat any junk any time. It’s your body, not a dustbin that you can throw anything in it.

So, here is the diet plan which will not force you to sacrifice the taste for the sack of your fitness. You need to follow this diet strictly on the weekly basis. If you want, you can have one cheat day in between every week. If you don’t want to lose weight but just want to maintain it, then you can follow this diet plan once in every month.

Diet Day 1

This is the fruit day of your fitness week. You can have any fruits of your choices – that also unlimited. Bananas are restricted in this choice. If you want to pace faster towards your goal, you are advised to have melons and oranges in your fruit list.

Weight Loss Diet Day 2

You can consider it the veggie’s day. Yes, you got it right. Today, you can consume all the veggies of your choice either raw or boiled. But potato – you can have it only in breakfast. You will get all the required nutrients from vegetables. As veggies don’t push you towards weight gaining, you can have it in any content you want to have.

Weight Loss Diet Day 3

Day 3 is sort of combination of Day 1 and Day 2 with little change that today you can’t have bananas and potato. Quantity is ame as above – unlimited. This is the day where your body is ready to lose all the extra weight on your body which is due to junk food you had for years.

Weight Loss Diet Day 4

Actual restrictions start from this day. Now nothing will be unlimited. Today, you can have bananas and milk – which means today, you will get potassium, sodium and calcium. You can have 6 large or 8 small bananas and 3 glasses of milk (250 ml each) throughout your day.

Weight Loss Diet Day 5

Today you are allowed to have cottage cheese, brown rice and 6 tomatoes. You can go with soup if you don’t like row tomatoes.

Weight Loss Diet Day 6

On day 6, you can have veggies of your choice, and cottage cheese. You can skip tomatoes in this day.
By this day, you would be feeling more confident about your diet and your body structure.

Weight Loss Diet Day 7

Today is the final day of your 7 day long fitness journey. Today you can have brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited vegetables. I will suggest you to have a brown rice pulao with sprouts and veggies on this day because it is the time to celebrate your new fit look.

Following this diet plan doesn’t guarantee you the permanent weight loss. You can again put on your weight after coming back to your unhealthy eating schedule. So, it is advisable to stay a bit away from high calorie foods.

Feel free to share this diet plan with your buddies who need to lose weight. Comment your experience via comment box.